Our products are made with selected ingredients and without the addition of coloring, preservative and industrialized flavoring agents. Our entire line is developed and tested within the technical and legal standard.

Helena, the owner of the company, is a 20-year experienced Food Engineer and specialist in Food Safety. She is responsible for developing and checking our production. The products follow the international Codex Alimentarius and FDA criteria.

To guarantee shelf-life, the product preservation process is pasteurizing boiling water. After that it is packed in glass jars with hermetically sealed lids. Following these steps, we achieve a durability of at least 18 months, in addition to the preservation of all sensory and organoleptic characteristics, enhancing the natural flavour of the product. This process of conservation is very old, used by the troops of Napoleon.

We make private label for other companies and develop products according to the necessity of each client.


Our functional product line is made from green bananas, in small batches, with organic bananas grown on the farm where the plant is installed and by small local producers.

In 2005, Essência do Vale was the first company to use green banana biomass as a totally natural thickener in the jams formulation under the guidance of dear Mrs. Heloísa de Freitas Valle. In 2015, we were also the first company to launch Green Banana Biomass in glass jars.

In 2014, Essência do Vale launched a functional line of pâtés with 48 to 50% of green banana biomass and natural seasonings, with totally exclusive formulations that do not require refrigeration.

In 2016, we launched the Line of Cocoa Cream with low energy, made with 25% of green banana biomass, coconut milk, cocoa butter and vanilla cachaça (Brazilian rum).

Cocoa butter gives the product a creamy texture and enhances the cocoa taste.

The vanilla cachaça is the great differential. After several researches, we saw that it was possible to make a completely natural vanilla flavor, that’s where we tested and approved the vanilla cachaça, to add flavor to our Cocoa Cream.

For further information about products based on green banana biomass, visit our websites clicking shopkeeper or consumer.


Our antepasto and preserved food line was developed based on traditional recipes, they are low sodium and elaborated with natural spices. Most spices are grown without pesticides on our farm, where the company is located. We do not use any kind of industrialized or artificial seasoning, which makes our products taste naturally better. They are great with some Italian bread, toasts, salty crackers or as appetizers. They also go well with meat.

For further information about our preserved food and antepasto line please visit our websites clicking shopkeeper or consumer.


Our pesto souces are a huge success, that is because they are handmade and all the ingredients used are natural!

Furthermore, we offer some special flavours:

– Basil and Brown Nut

– Arugula and Sun-dried tomato

– Sun-dried Tomato and nuts (Brown and Cashew)

And the traditional Basil one, which could not be left out.

For further information about our pesto souces please visit our websites clicking shopkeeper or consumer.


Chutney is a kind of bittersweet compote, originally from India, which has become a success among Brazilians. It goes well with several types of grilled and roasted recipes.

In addition to being a healthy condiment, without adding colorings, preservatives and any kind of chemical additive, they can add a special taste in preparations!

Our Chutney is enriched with Green Banana Biomass and Zero Sodium … how about replacing the traditional Catchup with a delicious #EssenciadoVale Chutney ?!

For further information about our chutney line please visit our websites clicking shopkeeper or consumer.


The jams line is 100% produced with organic sugar and 60% fresh or frozen fruits.

There are more than 20 flavors, all produced with strict quality standard. We use green bananas biomass as a natural thickener, on average the content used in the formulation is 4%, except for jabuticaba, açaí, blackberry and red fruit jams, which have up to 8% biomass, as the color allows. Essência do Vale was the first company to use green banana biomass as a totally natural thickener in the jams production process since 2005 in partnership with dear Mrs. Heloísa de Freitas Valle.

The exclusive labels were painted in watercolors by the plastic artist, 73 years old, Cibele Leonetti.

Tradicional Jams

Flavors: Blackberry, Blueberry, Apricot, Raspberry, Red Fruits, Orange Marmelade, Strawberry, Tangerine Marmelade.

Tropical Jams

Flavors: Pineapple with Mint, Açaí, Hog Plum, Cupuaçu, Yellow Fruits, Guava, Soursop, Brazilian Grape Tree, Mango, Passion Frui

Gourmet Jams

Tasty and healthy, made with apples base and low sugar content. It goes perfectly with cheese or grilled and roast meat.

Flavors: Pepper, Ginger and Cachaça (Brazilian Run)


The line of flavoured products was developed to allow the production of the preserved foods of Essência do Vale or to be used in the preparation of the dishes in the Restaurant Essência do Vale, to avoid the use of industrialized ingredients.

The success was so great that, in response to customer requests and in order to offer a choice of natural seasonings, we launched the seasoning line, without the addition of any artificial ingredients, to enhance the taste of the prepared foods and reduce the salt addition in the daily cuisine.

They are practical and easy to use, check them out:

Flavoured Vinegar: used as salad dressings or in preparation with vinegar. It replaces the traditional vinegar in any preparation, which enhances the flavour.

Flavoured Oils: used as salad dressings, preparations, etc. and, especially, it adds the dish a special flavour.

Natural Seasoning with Herbs:  they can be used in any kind of preparation, even to make rice and beans, vegetables, soups, broths, meat, they are very versatile and add flavour to the dishes.

Salt Seasoned with Herbs: crude salt with a mixture of dehydrated herbs, very tasty for grilled meat, barbecue, grilled vegetables. It can be used in any preparation.

Gourmet and Artisanal mustard Meaux – like: strong flavour, made with slightly ground grains, mixed with balsamic vinegar and spices.

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  1. Gostaria de receber tabela de preço e folder dos produtos para revenda no Rio de Janeiro

    1. Boa tarde Sr. Milton,
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      Obrigada pelo contato.

  2. Boa tarde. Gostaria de comercializar os produtos em Juiz de Froa-MG. Montamos um empório, dentro do nosso restaurante, e estou a procura desses tipos de produtos. Restaurante Vaporetto.

        1. Boa tarde Sr. Carlos, desculpa a demora, seu email entrou no spam de nosso site. Vamos entrar em contato com o Sr. Obrigada!

  3. Que boa coincidência. Passei por Cruzeiro no FDS (25/12/17) e após ver um outdoor na saída da Dutra para o Sul de Minas fiquei conhecendo o Restaurante Essência do Vale, onde comi o melhor file mignon de minha vida, indescritível. Agora, ao abrir o site vejo alguém de Juiz de Fora, também de um excelente restaurante querendo comercializar os produtos da Essência do Vale.
    Parabéns, a concretização desta parceria, vai facilitar muito minha vida e proporcionar aos Juizforanos, conhecerem os maravilhosos produtos da Essência do Vale.

    1. Boa tarde Sr. Milton, desculpa a demora, seu email entrou no spam de nosso site. Obrigada pelos elogios, isso nos deixa muito felizes. Vamos entrar em contato com o Sra. Obrigada!

  4. Prezados, boa noite.
    Tenho uma loja de produtos alimentícios artesanais no bairro de Santa Cruz, Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Gostaria de adquirir seus produtos para revenda. Como poderíamos estar fazendo ?

    Desde já, agradeço a atenção e, firmo-me;


    Simone Resende.

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  5. Boa tarde, gostaria de receber tabela de preços para revenda dos produtos no rio de janeiro.

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      Você já é nosso cliente agora… rs 😉

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    Gostaria de revender os produtos aqui no Mato Grosso.

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  7. Onde encontro pra comprar os produtos dessa linha

  8. Boa tarde.
    Poderiam por gentileza me enviarem um catalogo com os produtos e valores.
    Sou de Porto Alegre, Mercado Público.

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  9. Boa trade… tenho interesse em revender seus produtos em minha loja…como faço??

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  10. Adorei as geleias de blueberry,gengibre e açaí que comprei no Congresso de PNC&E, e chutneys de damasco, molho pesto manjericão com tomate seco. Quero comprar mais.

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